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about us

Company History

CAMERA TO SECURE, is a company dedicated to commercialization and installation of security equipment and systems, which gives us the opportunity of being able to offer our customers innovative high quality products with competitive prices.

We have an excellent team, qualified and with extensive knowledge in the industry, providing the best solutions towards meeting the needs of our customers. We are known for honesty and overall reliability in our work, since we know the importance of this issue for the industry in which we operate, offering our customers complete peace of mind in performing our services.

Security systems have become a necessity firsthand when creating any business, even when generating security in the same households, that is why CAMERA TO SECURE comes to USA with high quality and technology to cover all those needs.

Our Mision

Commercialize, advise and install, equipment and security systems of the highest technology and quality, generating confidence and security to our customers through effective solutions through a highly qualified human and technical team, which will efficiently secure your investment security.

Our Vision

In CAMERA TO SECURE we will be leaders in the commercialization and installation of security cameras offering a broad portfolio of products of excellent quality at the best price, according to the needs of customers; making us the best choice for the market.


CAMERA TO SECURE handles the highest standards of quality in its products. Giving security and tranquility to all our customers, we also have a high quality service, allowing us to offer all customers a complete coverage from purchase to installation of our products.

Our Values


CTS Camera to Secure work for your well being and your home or office safety, we offer a variety of high tech surveillance systems, that you can afford. You can count on excellent technical service support.


CTS is committed to it's customers by offering them responsibility and seriousness in our service. We offer different types of "CCTV" monitoring systems for your family's safety.


Keep an eye on your employee's effectiveness and productivity,through our CCTV systems and have the certainty of watching your company from anywhere around the world.

Why Choose CTS?

In CAMERA TO SECURE, work for the welfare and security of your home or business surveillance systems offer the highest technology accommodating your budget.

You may have an excellent technical support during and after the warranty; We are committed to our customers by providing accountability and safety in the service.


  • Be leaders in the international market offering excellent quality products with competitive prices.
  • Offer personalized attention according to the specific needs of our customers.
  • Continually train employees and provide adequate working conditions, creating a work environment that encourages them quality in pre and after sales service.
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